Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Helping other mums

  1. In 1999, I read abt the conjoint twins Ganga & Jamuna Shreshta from Kathmandu, Nepal who had come to Singapore to be separated in 2000. They needed money for this operation and I started the donation drive in NTU. The surgery left Ganga with brain damage and Jamuna unable to walk. Seven years later, Ganga Shrestha died at the Model Hospital in Katmandu in July 2009, at the age of 8.

    I am a Sands mum and I belong to the Grieving mums. When the mum asked through the interpreter which I did it, I told her, that I didn't have a chance to fight for Andrew. I wanted to give her a chance.

    Photo show the mum reading the journal I made, and my friend Manchala showing it to her. Manchala is leaving NTU, life will be different when I visit NTU without you, Manchala.
    • Ann Chin It was supposed to be a very hard operation, I think though the brains were not joint, the blood vessels were. While the doctors got a lot of glory, it was the ordinary Singaporeans who donated. Little kids in school giving their lunch money. They need...See More
    • Ann Chin No, Jay J C She my Andrew died when I was still in NZ in 1989, that was why as a grieving mum, I had the motivation to help. Nobody expected a house wife/lecturer's wife to do this, and represent NTu. My inner motivation was I couldn't fight with Andrew, I wanted the mum to have a chance with her babies.
    • Ann Chin I haven't planned on sharing this yet, but I share with you Jay, Next month, I am invited to do a workshop on baby bereavement from the Asian Perspective during a Sands National Conference. Just realised it is also Andrew's 24th birthday.,
    • Bronwyn Ward WOW Ann that is just so sweet and beautiful, with your on Grief!! So proud of you, and so proud to be your friend for ALL of the amazing work and things that you do. Love, Hugs and Kisses xoxoxox.

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