Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter story.

Three years ago at Easter, I launched my first book. It gave me a license to tell people about my late baby Andrew.

Often people would ask," How many children do you have." I wasn't sure to tell them the truth and make them very awkward.

But since, I wrote my book, and they ask, "What is your book about?" I feel it free to explain it's about my journey as a mother who had lose her child.  I show them my 4 fingers, and I point to my ringed finger. This baby died.

They ask," Isn't it terrible?"

I tell them,"  One of my worst IMAGINE was being told, your baby had apnea and he is dead. We held him for 4 hours, and then he came back to life again. This was to continue 10 times before he finally died"

"What kept you going?"

"Jesus died on the cross and he brought peace. "

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