Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Emily's Corner -

Emily's Corner - a project ran by Katherine Thomas and Sands Manukau which aims to make an Emily's Corner in every library in NZ Please support us. Thanks

fellow bereaved mum Katherine in her entry in the New World Perfect Day entry. We all voted and supported her and she won.We will present a bundle of children's books that each of our guests will choose to donate to a school or play-centre of their choice, in our Emily's name.

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Our latest project 'Emily's Corner' aims to create a section in the children's area of every library in New Zealand. Inspired by Katherine Thomas's stillborn daughter, Emily Sienna Yearbury, this project will be an ongoing fundraiser which will publicly acknowledge our babies throughout New Zealand. Every library who choose to participate in this project will have an Emily's Corner within their children's section which will be filled with books belonging to Emily and dedicated to all babies who have wings. Wooden cube seating with a painted 'E' will give the children a place to sit while they read and a plaque will outline the reason behind each Emily's Corner. A dedication list will be framed (which can be added to) for any parent visiting the library who has a baby with wings. This way, all families have the opportunity to publicly acknowledge their own baby's name and date. Every year, new books will be added to the collections with age appropriate titles.

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