Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A sad story

Tiny snowflakes are so vulnerable. A hand can give them love or squash and kill them. I am thinking of the poor baby.

A woman finds a baby abandoned in her garden. The baby was wrapped in a towel and was dead. How did the birth mother resort to such a tragic act. In this day and age, with family benefit, she could easily have gone to WINZ and got enough money for herself and her baby.

How sad it is for her to have gone through 9 months of pregnancy without anyone knowing and lovig her.

The couple who found the baby says if only she had left the baby at door, rang the door bell, the baby wouldn't have died.

How many Sands mums would "die" to have that baby?

When Andrew was dying in the hospital, some young girl did just that, and and left the baby somewhere where it was found. I wanted to adopt that baby.  But I was told I should, my love for that baby is liken to a rebound in a failed relationship.

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