Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Glover memorial: with a heart

This building is called the Lotus. It is made of stone. A stone flower. Memorials are made of stone, to remember a lost loved one. This company makes stone memorials, and they have a heart.

2011 marks 100 years since Glover Memorials first started business. We want to give back to the communities which have supported and trusted us to honour their loved ones. We are also keen to continue leading the way so that our memorials are superior, personal and are excellent value for money. 
We take pride in the fact that we are the longest standing Monumental Mason in Wellington and one of the oldest in New Zealand. We are an integral part of the wider community that we serve. So we make it a goal to help where we can to improve our neighbourhood and encourage other businesses to do likewise.

Special Sands Offer...

Response to our offer to provide free little plaques for stillborn and newborn babies has been overwhelming. We have to date been able to bless hundreds of lives. We came to realise that this particular loss often has little to show for it, no photos, no precious memories, and because of that often no acknowledgement. These simple plaques can make a huge difference. There must be hundreds of families and individuals throughout New Zealand with a similar loss. If you or someone you know would appreciate something like this email us at with your child's name and date, and include you name and address so that we can post it to you.
Please note. This special offer was intended just for people in New Zealand, but as news has spread we have received requests from overseas. While we are happy to help as many families as we can, for those outside New Zealand we will need to charge $100NZD (approximately $50US) to cover all the costs including shipping.

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