Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lost Cluckiness

Here I was playing with my rainbow son, born unplanned 7 years after my Andrew died. 

I lose my "cluckiness" with other people's babies and photos on Face Book. I didn't care for any babies except my baby and my nieces and nephews. 

My therapist says it is OK, I think I am OK. Any of you have similar feelings.

Grace asked me if I was OK with Jessie, and I said Yes, she was a girl baby and also my niece. Now with Facebook photos, I quickly scroll now when I see baby photos.
Always an adventurous person, I am the king of the playground. going up was easy, I got stuck on top and couldn't come down. That was 15 years ago.
What were those purple flowers? anyone ever try climbing up this semi circular monkey bars?

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