Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sids: The ghost that comes and steals your healthy child away.

I am using the analogy of this Elephant Ear plants as SIDS. If you happen to brush against this plant, or ingest it, it will make you very sick and very itchy. Some parts of plants are poisonous. They cause tongue and stomach irritation that can cause itching, swelling, and difficulty swallowing. Almost all genus and species of the family Aracea contain calcium oxylate crystals. Think of it as tiny shards of glass. or fiberglass.

I first came to know SIDS, Sudden Infant deaths and it became very real to me when two colleagues (spouses) came to ask me for special compassionate leave. Their daughter just rang. Her new baby just died.

She had taken him to a routine baby check up. Had a coffee before she came home. Put him to bed and went to the kichen. The next thing she knew, baby won't wake up and had died. Though they pacify her that he had SIDS and it was no fault of hers, her own finger pointed back at her. She always regreted that cup of coffee. What if she didn't?

Recently, I befriend Megan Lee through the most unusual circumstances. When I found out the tragedies in her life, I had to thank God that I only lost Andrew. Megan lost 2 boys to SIDS and two to miscarriages.

Megan posted on her Facebook page: Help. Please. Those who know me well, know that this is a cause, dearly close to my heart and soul. Help if you can. xxxx
Spring for SIDS
Put a Spring in your Step … add a little Sunshine to your heart and Spring for SIDS by wearing your favorite Spring outfit and your SIDS sticker.

Her friend Cynthia Ohrns-burkhow added:
04/20/12. I want to share her two boys pass away in loving memory. If you want to donate come to look up CVW Angels 4.
It would mean the world if you guys come and support:

At the beginning of this year, I met L. at a seminar. I introduced myself as a bereaved mum. She whispered to me that she too, was one. Taken by SIDS, what was more cruel was it became a police case.

God brought these two women to me at the most unusual circumstances, to mutually comfort each other.

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