Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brave Pamela Cook.

My friend Linda Edwards shared a link on her facebook. It is about Pamela Cook. I watched the video, and I cried. Brave Pamela, she is a bereaved mum like me, and my sisters in Sands.

I chose flowers and photos of Australia dedicated to Pamela. Photos of Oz, where I go for my holidays.

Woman Who Went Through an Unimaginable Trial Makes Judges Cry The X Factor Australia 2011 Pamela Cook Audition

Pamela faced an unimaginable choice when she got breast cancer while pregnant - abort the baby to help her survive or keep her faith. Watch what she chose and watch how her story and song bring judges and audiences to tears. So touching.

An Australian X Factor contestant has revealed her battle with cancer.

Pamela Cook, a 30-year-old single mum and teacher who impressed the judges on the reality show with her rendition of 'Because of You' last week, said that she was devastated when her long-term partner and father of her son Zion walked out on her on the last day of her chemotherapy treatment.

Cook was 16 weeks pregnant when a lump on her breast was diagnosed as cancer. She refused to terminate her pregnancy, had Zion delivered nine weeks early and underwent treatment.

"There's no way I could terminate [my baby's] life," she told New Idea magazine. "I just knew if I prayed hard enough, I'd be okay."

The X-Factor contestant Pamela Cook and son Zion Menzies. Picture: Jo-anna Robinson

THE baby Pamela Cook had fought so hard to protect could have died as the result of her breast cancer.

Her incredible story came to light after the 30-year-old auditioned for the latest series of reality television show The X Factor.

The primary school teacher and aspiring singer had already suffered a miscarriage the year before, and was facing the bleak reality that the cancer she was fighting could cost her a second chance at motherhood.

Pamela was four months pregnant when she was given the news that a lump had been found on her breast.

She was told by doctors her best chance of survival would be to terminate the pregnancy.

"My instant response was absolutely not," she said. "The doctor said, `Pamela you don't understand what we're saying. You'll be much easier to treat if we terminate. There's no point in being a mother if you're dead'."

But she refused and, following surgery to remove the cancer, began intensive chemotherapy.

Doctors delivered Pamela's son nine weeks early, weighing a tiny 1.5kg on October 8, 2010. In December, the doting mum was able to take Zion home - although her cancer treatment continued through to March.

A further blow came the day after Pamela finished her last round of chemo, when her fiance walked out.

"He waited till my last day of treatment and then he left," she said. "It's amicable now, but I was so gutted and so disappointed. The cancer really changed him and I think it was the dose of reality that was too much."

It was during her recovery that Pamela became hooked on reality television and decided to try out for The X Factor.

"When I saw the ad for the auditions, I thought I would give it a go - life's too short," she said.

She soon found herself in front of judges Guy Sebastian, Ronan Keating, former Spice Girl Mel B and Natalie Bassingthwaighte.
"I would love to record a country album," she said.

Sadly, like many bereaved mums, her partner left her. A death of a child either cements a relationship or destroys it.

***was facing the bleak reality that the cancer she was fighting could cost her a second chance at motherhood.***

Thank you Roger, the above statement wasn't very clear, but in the show, it was very clear, and was what captivated me. She explained why she didn't want to abort the pregnancy because she already lost a baby to miscarriage.

Thanks Roger. I checked my links again.

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  1. Love the post but confused by your last statement:
    "Sadly, like many bereaved mums, her partner left he. A death of a child either cements a relationship or destroys it. " I went back through your story and I don't see a connection. Did the child survive?