Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Officialdom and insensitivity

Yesterday, we had our census, hot under the collar were some parents, They are mortified with this question:

25 If you are male go to 26
     If you are female, answer this question.
     How many babies have you given birth to?
    number born alive
    Object to answering this question.

I asked the last, I object, and qualified with "If a baby is dead in early infancy, what is the purpose of this question?

I protest on behalf of my Sands sisters who had stillbirths, I protest why this question is targeted to women.

I am lucky or am I to have a life birth? only to have him dead a short time after?

Yesterday, a pair of premature babies were found in a backyard. Are they babies or are they not in the legal sense?


Legal Requirements

If your baby was stillborn before the 20th week of pregnancy and weighs less than 400 grams, you are not legally required to bury your baby in a cemetery or to have your baby cremated, although you may choose to do so if you wish. You may bury your baby in a place of your choice (on private property). Alternatively, you may still choose to have your baby buried in a cemetery or to have your baby cremated. At this gestation, the choice is yours.
If your baby was born alive (at any gestation), was born after the 20th week of pregnancy, or weighed 400 grams or more when he/she was born – then your baby must be buried or cremated in a registered place (such as a cemetery, an urupā or a crematorium).

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