Friday, March 8, 2013

Sands Manukau: Working for the Community.

Sarah Numan stays at home -" I run Sands Manukau 24 hours. I have 3 angels, Hope, Noah & Willow and 5 living."  What an incredible women.

Facebook accounts: Please vote to win them a car.

Great day had at the Botany Community Day. Thanks to my wonderful team - Annie OChen Rebecca Luscombe Joyce Shankar-Kay Rhonda Sivewright Katherine Yearbury and Snappy Chappy - you were all amazing! Thanks to Emily too. Jami-Lee Ross - thanks so much for showing your support yet again. And thanks to Gary, Mark, Carin and the wonderful team putting this whole event together. — Botany Community Day 2013 

Sands Manukau

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