Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From SANDS to Sands

You probably have noticed the inconsistency I had been in using the words SANDS and Sands. I did notice it sometimes but didn't investigate further. 

Tonight, I found out that SANDS has been changed to Sands. I wanted to edit it, but Facebook won't let me edit in my new page, and I don't know why.


To satisfy myself why I made these irregularities, I went back to my original file from 1990 when I first joined SANDS,  it was SANDS. Then I went away, and was involved in Child bereavement in Singapore. 

I will try to remember it is Sands in my future writing.

Thank you Sarah.


1986 - Here is the story of how Sands first got established in New Zealand, in the words of the person who started it all, Rosemary Westley (formerly Willams) ...

After many months of research I was finally satisfied with my work and in 1988 I published the booklet " S.A.N.D.S: A caring guide for parents of stillborn babies and babies that die shortly after birth". Over 3000 copies were printed and they were sent all over New Zealand. That is now 20 years ago a

2007 - From SANDS to Sands - we re-branded! A new logo, new colours and new support packs were introduced. A new pamphlet on the transporting of a deceased baby was also developed and launched. The sixth national Sands conference was held in Christchurch; the theme was 'Living, Loving, Remembering'.

Sands New Zealand

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