Monday, September 19, 2011

diary of a bereaved mother: When you are down, you need a friend.

I chose winter trees with no leaves for Glenna. I understand her heart is heavy, and she would feel like these trees, gloomy and leaveless.

I told my friend Teresa about Glenna and this week is the 1st anniversary of her baby. Teresa wants to cheer Glenna up.

I knew Teresa from our days as faculty wives in Singapore. Teresa knew how to laugh and make others laugh.

Here is what Teresa suggested," maybe we can be friends in FB if u can give me her name as I used to helped at the church with single parents and abused women. Maybe we can chat and make her laugh. What u think?" Teresa, you are a great friend.

Friday, September 9, 2011

diary of a bereaved mother: Potters Park

Glenna took me to Potter's park to shoot some reflection shots for the documentary for the Baby Loss awareness week. This month is appropriate, September is Andrew's birthday month. It is also Glenna's baby JG's birthday.

Potter's park is ideal, I used to take the girls when I was pregnant with Andrew and after he had died. The playground was empty and again I thought how poignant it was, empty playground signifying to me that Andrew and his angel friends were not longer on earth, but playing in the playground up in heaven.

I am the one in the red Lightweight Swing Cardie, it wasn't spring yet, but under the sun. The weather was quite warm. Here we are, two bereaved mums. We are linked together, we both have sons who are angels in heaven.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Diary of a bereaved mother:The Book Depository. UK orders

Now you can buy my book from UK and they will take orders from all over the world with Free worldwide delivery.

Diary of a bereaved mother: Television Documentary: Baby Loss Awareness

GLENNA CASALME | Associate Producer | Asia Downunder
Address: 4 Newton Road, PO Box 68835 , Newton , Auckland , New Zealand
Tel: +64 9 360 0803 Fax: +64 9 360 0477

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Glenna contacted me to do a documentary of my book and me for the Baby Loss Awareness Week. It will be screened in October. Glenna googled me and invited me for coffee and asked if I was interested.

It is a documentary on how we can make people more aware of bereaved mums and dads and hopefully our sad experience will improve the sad statistics.

Cindy Farquhar, professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of Auckland, says the number of babies who are stillborn or die within four weeks of birth is higher than New Zealand's road toll, Funding for prenatal death support and research, to help reduce these deaths, is minimal in comparison to the millions poured into road safety campaigns, she said.

For every 1000 babies born in New Zealand, eight will be stillborn. One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage. Nearly 600 babies are stillborn or die within 28 days of birth in New Zealand every year. Many parents are bereaved in New Zealand, and in all over the world, but very few people talk about them.

Thank you Glenna and Dave for helping us. Baby Loss Awareness week is on 9th October to 15th October.

Sadly, Glenna herself is a bereaved mum, hence you can appreciate her passion in this subject.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Diary of a diary of a bereaved Mother: Google Books

My book is listed in Google Books.

Google Books (previously known as Google Book Search and Google Print) is a service from Google that searches the full text of books that Google has scanned, converted to text using optical character recognition, and stored in its digital database. The service was formerly known as Google Print when it was introduced at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2004. Google's Library Project, also now known as Google Book Search, was announced in December 2004.

Results from Google Book Search show up in both general web search at and through the dedicated Google Books site ( Up to three results from the Google Books index may be displayed, if relevant, above other search results in the Google Web search service (

Subscribing users can click on a result from Google Books that opens an interface in which the user may view pages from the book, if out of copyright or if the copyright owner has given permission. Books in the public domain are available in "full view" and free for download. For in-print books, Google limits the number of viewable pages through a variety of access limitations and security measures, some based on user-tracking.[1] For books that may be covered by copyright and where the owner has not been identified, only "snippets" (two to three lines of text) are shown, though the full text of the book is searchable.