Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sands mothers.

I went to a Sands meeting, and a woman came to say Hi. She said I gave her my book. I am glad she feels better.

Taiwanese Cherry Tree.

Prunus campanulata is a species of cherry native to Taiwan, widely grown as an ornamental tree, and a symbol of Nago, Okinawa in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. It is variously known in English as the Taiwan cherry,[3] Formosan cherry, or bellflower cherry.

I used to mistake this for the Sakura cherry tree. They lined on both sides of Balmoral road where I used to live before Andrew was born, and later when we came back to live after 16 years in Singapore.

In 1989, the word Campomelic came to my vocabulary. It was the syndrome that Andrew had and killed him. Campanulata makes me think of that word. The Campanulata cherry  blooms ahead of the Sakura, then very quickly the flowers drop and fade away. 

This is the time when the Campanulata cherry  blooms are most pretty. At the time, at Andrew's birthday,  Balmoral road would be one scarlet hue. Then on his death anniversary in November, the trees would be bare. Empty like my arms.

Next month would be Andrew's birthday, This TVNZ documentary was made for 

 Baby Loss Awareness Week. I remember the interview I 

did  for the Television documentary," It is ok to cry." Here I am, telling myself it is 

OK to cry.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Photo: The Angel Zoe Kindness Project

A year ago on Saturday,
A little girl became an angel.
She was no ordinary girl.
She went to my school.

When I see her old classmates,
It hurts my heart.
Her wonderful mum has out of her pain,
Set up The Angel Zoe Kindness Project.

God bless you.
The Angel Zoe Kindness Project

A year ago on 29 September 2012
A little girl became an angel.
She was no ordinary girl.
She went to my school.

When I see her old classmates,
It hurts my heart.
Her wonderful mum has out of her pain,
Set up The Angel Zoe Kindness Project.

Zoe's anniversary day fell on Andrew's birthday.
Andrew welcomed Zoe and showed her around.

They both left behind two bereaved mums,
Ann and Kiri.

God bless you.

I chose this purple rose bud,
girls in school tell me
their favourite colours are pink and purple. 
I think Zoe would like this.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Workshop for National Conference.

The word is SHEN, of life. This is a quote chosen by Dalai Lama.

I am invited to run a workshop for the New Zealand Sand's Conference.

  • As you know Sands Waikato is doing the conference for 2013. We are trying to cover differet cultures & believes this year. We are people doing workshops in regards to Maori, Pacific & christian culture. We are wanting someone to cover the asia culture around death. Would you be interested or be able to recommend someone who could.
    Let me know what you think
    Regards Amie
  • July 17

  • July 23
  • Ann Chin

    Hi Amie,
    I shall like to do it on the Asian Culture. Do you want it as bereavement as a whole, or baby bereavement?
  • July 24
  • Sands Waikato

    Hi Ann,
    Firstly sorry to hear that about the funeral.
    We are making the book avaible to all Sands Waikato families. We have a Sands Waikato library that it is now part off. Covering both would be great. The aim is to give people an understanding of how different cultures, views & how they deal with death. As I imagine there will be alot of midwifes interested in this session a littlte bit about birth, followed by the passing of a baby would be great.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Amie The conference is on the 20-21 September 2013.

    This message is from Cathy - I'm the one putting the programme together, and I'm thrilled you're willing to offer a workshop/presentation on the death of a baby from an Asian perspective.

    Thank you again for contributing in such a meaningful way to this special event!! Cathy

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It's ok to cry I am invited to do a workshop on Grieving in the Asian prospective. Yesterday, I spoke to 3 Koreans and they felt it very uncomfortable to talk about it. In the Korean culture, it is not OK to talk about Grieving for a baby. It is my sad privilege to be able to talk about it and to share with you. This U-tube is from a Television New Zealand documentary where I was interviewed.

Helping other mums

  1. In 1999, I read abt the conjoint twins Ganga & Jamuna Shreshta from Kathmandu, Nepal who had come to Singapore to be separated in 2000. They needed money for this operation and I started the donation drive in NTU. The surgery left Ganga with brain damage and Jamuna unable to walk. Seven years later, Ganga Shrestha died at the Model Hospital in Katmandu in July 2009, at the age of 8.

    I am a Sands mum and I belong to the Grieving mums. When the mum asked through the interpreter which I did it, I told her, that I didn't have a chance to fight for Andrew. I wanted to give her a chance.

    Photo show the mum reading the journal I made, and my friend Manchala showing it to her. Manchala is leaving NTU, life will be different when I visit NTU without you, Manchala.
    • Ann Chin It was supposed to be a very hard operation, I think though the brains were not joint, the blood vessels were. While the doctors got a lot of glory, it was the ordinary Singaporeans who donated. Little kids in school giving their lunch money. They need...See More
    • Ann Chin No, Jay J C She my Andrew died when I was still in NZ in 1989, that was why as a grieving mum, I had the motivation to help. Nobody expected a house wife/lecturer's wife to do this, and represent NTu. My inner motivation was I couldn't fight with Andrew, I wanted the mum to have a chance with her babies.
    • Ann Chin I haven't planned on sharing this yet, but I share with you Jay, Next month, I am invited to do a workshop on baby bereavement from the Asian Perspective during a Sands National Conference. Just realised it is also Andrew's 24th birthday.,
    • Bronwyn Ward WOW Ann that is just so sweet and beautiful, with your on Grief!! So proud of you, and so proud to be your friend for ALL of the amazing work and things that you do. Love, Hugs and Kisses xoxoxox.