Monday, September 24, 2018

My Journey with cancer book

Unexpectedly two months ago I have been told of my predicament. I started to write as Part II of this book.

4 weeks ago, I had a surgery to remove 2 cancerous nodules and had a thyroidectomy. The surgery was fine, but like people who had their thyroid gland removed, they need medication for life, and constant checking to see if the cancer has returned. I wrote this book to help anyone who might be face with this. 

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Loving animals

In Singapore, I once helped a cat and dog centre. The wet market people know the owner Kathy, they keep chicken hearts and liver free of charge. She cooks it with white rice. Sometimes old Ah Pek and Ah Mu volunteer to help her. A lot of these old people not allow to keep pets in the HDB. So they go there.

Monday, September 10, 2018


I saw this broken cherub,
near my mother's grave,
It wasn't at someone's grave stone.

No one else saw it.
Elley said, Mum gave to me.

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