Monday, May 23, 2011

Diary of a bereaved mother: News exposure.

I asked Kelly if I could take a photo of her, and she said she wasn't used to being photographed. I wish I had done a good photo and showed you her big camera.

This is Rebecca who did my interview.
I was very happy when the reporter from The Aucklander rang to say she wanted to do a feature article on me and my book. I didn't want them to come to my house as it is messy so I asked my deputy principal if they could come to school. She said yes, and I could use my colleague's room as mine was busy during lunch time. Another said I could use her as it is more suitable.
My principal Sandra let me use her. I am so thankful.

The Aucklander was the best Community paper in 2008 and 2009. It comes out on Thursdays with the New Zealand Herald. The Herald is New Zealand's leading metropolitan newspaper.


  1. It's wonderful that your story will be in the newspaper. I went to the link, but didn't find it - will it be posted later?

  2. Wah, congrats for being feature in the news.

  3. This is great news!!!! I looked at the paper, but this is not the one you are in? Let me know when it is out!

  4. This is truly making all of us so proud of you!!

    May be I could feature you in my blog too...and link the post to the newspaper article...

    Congratulations again...It's really wonderful news.