Friday, April 13, 2012

When help is needed most...

No giving up when people are in need'


Recently newly wed Robyn shaved off her hair, her husband Alistair put on the final touches. I always admire people who sacrifice either themselves or their time for a good cause. Good job Shaun. 

I also like it to see a man actively involved in Sands. Men grieve as well when their babies die. 

Shaun Vivian is getting on his bike to raise awareness of an organisation that helps people at the toughest time in their lives.
Mr Vivian and his wife Gaylene lost their baby son Daryl at birth 11 years ago, and though the pain still bites deep, the couple do not hesitate to help parents suffering similar trauma.
The Vivians are co-ordinators for SANDS, a national support group of parents who have lost a baby before, during or after birth.
They are the only two people in the Manawatu region trained to assist people in coping with the death of a baby and the workload is hard, but they will not give up.
"How could we do that when there are people that need us?" Mr Vivian said.
He is taking to his stationary bike to cycle 30 hours to raise finds and awareness for SANDS. He hopes people will support him by riding alongside him or donating money when he pedals at the Women's Expo next month.
In New Zealand there were 721 perinatal-related deaths in 2009, with 30 stillbirths in Manawatu.
Now SANDS is taking on miscarriages, which is going to add to the couple's workload. Mr and Mrs Vivian are happy to take on the extra work but funding is tight.
It costs $3000 to 4000 a year to run the Manawatu branch of SANDS, but that is expected to increase to more than $7000 once miscarriages are taken into account.
"We have on average 300 miscarriages in the Manawatu region on an annual basis," Mr Vivian said.
He said it was not unusual to be called out in the middle of the night to offer support to couples who had lost a child, and that support continued for as long as the family needed it.
"We take photos for them, help put them in contact with other people and listen to them when they need us."
The couple have two other children, but say they will always remember Daryl.
"The pain doesn't leave you but it does get easier to cope with," Mr Vivian said.
The Women's Lifestyle Expo is on May 12 and 13 at Arena Manawatu.

Sands Manukau
If my wonderful friends are unable to come to Palmerston North for this event, you can still show your support by sponsoring these guys. Here are the bank details. Thanks everyone xPedaling for Baby Angels
we have had Westpac Bank come onboard with us by giving us a free account to use for those who want to give donations with no bank fees. thanks alot Westpac you have looked after us now for awhile and glad to see you could come and help.

account details for anyone is
acc name "Peddling for Baby Angels"
acc num 03-1519-0020934-00

this account will stay open till end of June 2012 to cover the fundraiser then transfered to our normal Sands account.

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