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A documentary that tells my story. My story is neonatal death, it is the same as still birth. Ultimately, we have empty arms and heavy hearts. Some people who are lucky and never experience our tragedy say this is too sad to read. I hope they will continue to be lucky and never encounter this sad event. To the rest of us, I know reading and watching bereavement helps.

In a week, it will be Andrew's birthday 23 years ago. Add another 55 days, he would be dead.

Peekaboo Hi Anne. Please see link to our new doc. Please share with friends and spread the word. thanks

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Still Born, Still Loved : The Life Within Us

This is a feature length documentary looking at parent's journey's from the heartbreak of stillbirth, to acceptance, moving forward with their lives, and finding happiness and a joy in living.
How do you carry on when the baby you’ve been waiting months for dies before you had the chance to ever really know her? When on the day you were supposed to be bringing your baby home, you have to carry a tiny coffin and see him buried in the cold ground? What happens to all the love you feel for your child? How do you move forward with your life with a heavy heart and empty arms?
This documentary goes right to the heart of the human suffering caused by the death of a tiny baby. There is no greater suffering for any parent to bear than the loss of their child. We will tell the parents’ own stories, using their own photographs and video footage of the only precious hours or sometimes days they will ever have with their child.
Our film is special because each of the stories within it has a powerful, life-affirming message, as the parents involved work through their suffering to accomplish something really spectacular in memory of their baby. Despite the tragedy in the film, the outcome will be uplifting and inspiring, and will highlight how even the most vulnerable of people can shine in the face of adversity.
Our challenge is to find the light within the darkness. To show the humanity and humour that enables the parents, and our audience, to find their way through this sorrow to a place of acceptance, happiness, laughter and a joy of living.

The Creative Team

The Writer/Director is Debbie Howard of Big Buddha Films, an independent film company in Sheffield, UK. Debbie has made a slate ofaward winning powerful, thought provoking films in the past. You can see all of their info on their website:
"After completing Peekaboo, I felt very strongly that there was so much more to say on this subject.  I felt that these parents should speak for themselves. This subject matter is not popular, but these stories must be told so that people understand what happens to someone when their baby dies. I feel utterly compelled to make this film and break the silence around baby loss. This is my mission."
Debbie Howard
"A wonderfully tender and compassionate articulation of love and loss. Peekaboo unwraps the layers of grief and emotional reconciliation with heart breaking precision and sensitivity."
Caroline Cooper Charles, Creative England

What we need to raise financially

We have raised £7,000 so far. We need to raise another £50,000 - £60,000 to complete this film. We wil be doing this in stages.  We have a target of £2,000 for this pitch, so that we can reach our target and get shooting. But any addition money will be going to towards the total amount needed to complete our film. Please help us to do this. We are offering some great things in return, see the rewards on offer.


"Thank you for what you are doing. When I lost my little girl, I had no idea that losing my child in the way I did was even possible - not really. It wasn't mentioned, there was no warning. And then to go on to find out how common it really is really frustrated me. Awareness needs to be brought to this topic. Something needs to change.
I look forward to tracking the progress of your project. Strength and light to you as you embark on exploring one of the most cruel losses. And thank you again for taking it on."
With love, Cath Adelbert, Sydney, Australia

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