Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello Ann,
Thank you so much for Deborah's picture and for the heart rendering description  which I will place next to her pictures.
Thank you so much for offering to send me your book for the exhibition.  I am sure that your words will bring solace and connection with so many.  I look forward to reading your poems.
Excerpt from my book:
Deborah was doing well in the crèche with Andrea. One day she came up to the ward to give Andrew a picture she had made. She had drawn her family photo. When I saw it, I cried. She drew Andrew as a baby floating above us. She had glued onto him a blue Chinese conical hat. The rest of us were standing firmly on the ground. She told me that she stuck the hat on because Andrew was a Chinese boy and he was up in the skies because he was an angel. To her, it was a good picture. She had in her own way accepted that Andrew was going to die and he was going to be an angel. We pinned the picture above Andrew’s cot, and she proudly told everyone that her baby brother was going to be an angel.

Judy Am really excited, an exhibition in UK will be reading poems from my book.

Cindy Farquhar, professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of Auckland, says the number of babies who are stillborn or die within four weeks of birth is higher than New Zealand's road toll, Funding for prenatal death 

support and research, to help reduce these deaths, is minimal in com...

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