Friday, June 14, 2013

Heavy stuff

This evening, I had three heavy stuff. They make my trouble minuscule like a mustard seed. First, it was reading my friend Sarah Numan who wrote Noah's Story.

I knew she lost two other children, Hope -Dominique and 

Willow, It was a long post, but I read every word of it, and

gasping and brushing back my tears. Sarah is no ordinary 

woman, and she is so involved with Sands. I wrote to tell 

her, when I was upset with the doctors for not investigating 

further when I was pregnant with Andrew, Olwyn Dickson,

my mentor said, it was better for me not to have known to 

go to labour. It would be terrible to go to labour knowing 

there is something wrong or your baby was going to die. 

That was what Sarah went through.

When we got to my friend's house for our weekly home group Biblestudy, they suggested we listen to Radio Rhema. There was a special talk by a woman Ann (Gimbell Spelling?). Her testimony was she lost 10 babies. Whoa!

I came home, my friend  Chang Yi posted on Facebook

When peace like a river (it is well with my soul)

I remember the Singer Joni Eareckson Tada. Olwyn's
 husband Pastor Don used to preach about Joni. 

On July 30, 1967, she dove into Chesapeake Bay after 

misjudging the shallowness of the water. She suffered a
fracture between the fourth and fifth cervical levels and 

became a quadriplegic, paralysed from the shoulders 


When Andrew was dying in ICU, I used to sing this song. I 

told myself that if Joni with all her problems could sing this 

song, I too should sing this song and really mean it. I 

couldn't really mean it, but God brought his angels to sing to

 me and stopped me from killing myself.

Who understands you better when you have a tragedy of losing a baby?
Who walks with you further when you have a tragedy?
Who holds your hand when you have a tragedy?
Who cries with you when you have a tragedy?

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