Saturday, November 23, 2013

An unexpected message from a Grief Support nurse.

  • On November 22nd 1989, Andrew breathed his last breathe. After writing my book, I felt I have moved on, and reversed my role as a hurting mum, to one of consoling one. 
    Being part of, the TV documentary was my message, It is OK to cry.
    Last month, I was in a whirlwind of euphoria, I launched my 3 books in such a show case. It was the epitome of what writers could only dream. I was the full spread off newspapers, and in press conferences. A minister of the government Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh was my guest of honour, and I had more than 200 guests.
    This euphoria didn't last as I was back to my grind of normal life. I felt low, this is the usual as it is the time when Andrew was alive.   I usually allowed myself to "It's OK to cry" but not cry out.
    Facebook is incredible. There were so many bereaved parents who needed my help. 

    God bring this message to my facebook to lift me up.
    Lori Baine

    Ann, my name is Lori and I believe I recently read your book (I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) when Dr. Andrew James shared it with me. I believe he took care of your son. Am I correct?
    If I am, I was blown away by your book- beautifully written. I hope you don't mind that I have written to you. Lori (Grief Support Nurse at SickKids Hospital in Toronto)
  • Ann Chin
    Ann Chin

    Wow!!!!! Dr James shared my book with you. That first edition was rough. I have since refined it. Last month, I launched my books and it was an incredible experience. I also did a workshop for medical and bereaved parents.
    Do u mind if I shared your message with my book blog.
  • Lori Baine
    Lori Baine

    not a bit- I work closely with Dr. James- I have been a nurse in the NICU for 24 years and in the role of grief support for the past 19, now in a hospital-wide role. I will say hi to him for you if that is okay. I enjoy talking with him, and I hear that your Andrew was a wonderful teacher.

    Dr James was Andrew's wonderful doctor. 

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