Monday, December 16, 2013

Old friends belonging to the same club.

Now I can joke that despite a horrible pregnancy and labour, God made me beautiful in this photo.

The Gladioli flower, God gave it to me. The gardener drop it from his truck at the Winter garden. It was because of my dear friends that I went there.

Here the Gladioli stays, next to my tapestry.  Can you believe I made it in a month. it's 1 meter by 1/2 meter. I was grieving when I made it.

Spent a morning with a very old friend and his wife. I had seen him only once since school days. While reminiscing old days, he came up with, "You are not alone." I thought he was comforting me with the lost of Andrew. His wife took me they too lost a baby , and they never got to see her.

I belong to an International Grieving group. The administrator asked if I had Andrew's photo. I dug up his album. Here is a good photo of me with Andrew, the day after he was born and we were told he was dying. Thank you my friends.

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