Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Tunnel: Nobody knows the trouble I've seen.

Is life's journey a series of tunnels?
You never know how long you have to walk,
You never know when there will be light.

When I walk through this tunnel like walkway, I am reminded of my friend Gwen telling me." There is always light at the end of the tunnel."

This tunnel resembles a tunnel which had etched in my mind. September 29th, twenty one years ago, my son Andrew was born, and we were told he was dying. I chose to be with him when he died. The hospital kindly gave me a room in the parents' floor of another block which was the nurses' block. This was for parents whose babies were in ICU.

The block was quite a distance from the baby's ICU, and was connected by underground tunnels. If you miss a turn, you could end up in another block. When I walked past what the nurses call the groaning dragon, the boiler, I wanted to walk quickly. Everyday, for 55 days, I walked this tunnel twice. It was not a walk I wish for anyone.

 On November 22nd, I walked that last walk. I left the hospital's main entrance with empty arms.

Just before Andrew's 21st,  this photo was my catalyst for Andrew's book, and propelling me to be on Television, and public speaking. and taken a role of comforter to other grieving parents.

I like to share this with my fellow bereaved mother Heather. I have sung this song and shredded buckets of tears.

I am linking my blog post for Heather, whose son was murdered. They are trying to get a bill to pass Cameron's law to make eye witnesses to be responsible.

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