Friday, April 10, 2015

Photohunt: YET

I had wanted to post this story,
Some one Up there had told me, "Not yet."
Each time I see a bike like this,
The car went too fast for me.

The story goes like this,
A UK nurse came to work in New Zealand.
She was killed while cycling.
Her friends put her bike where she was killed.

Yet there were callous people,
They removed the chain,
And stole the bike.
Callous, yes, that's the word.

On Thursday,
I saw this bike,
I asked my companion," Don't go yet."
I need this photo.

Somewhere, there is a bike like this,
There is a bereaved mom.
Who is grieving for her child,
"Not yet, you are not yet ready to go to heaven."

11th ~ Yet

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