Thursday, September 3, 2015

Without you by Saskia Sarginson.

I am reading this book "Without you," by Saskia Sarginson. I had already read her :The Twins."

She wrote about a girl Eva who was drowned and presumed to be dead.

What drew me was her mother Clara. She wrote about Clara having four recurrent miscarriages and the supposedly dead Eva.  Having lost a child myself and meeting with other bereaved mothers, I feel that Sarginson wrote so much as though she had experience of a bereaved mum herself.

Migraines, not wanting to wake up, feeling blurred, tired lines around the mouth, couldn't bear to see pregnant women, couldn't bear to see babies or hold them.

It is by no coincidence that I should read this book. This month is September. September is Andrew's birthday month. I think of that time, there is a part of my heart that belongs to Andrew. I have moved on.

I have chosen the photo of my plum tree, this year especially the flowers have been late. I used to think of the zillion flowers the tree bears, and most of these flowers drop, not producing fruits. I stared at the tree, and think a bereaved mother is like the tree.

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