Sunday, December 20, 2015

The dragonfly

When Andrew was born, my mentor Owlyn drove Deborah (4 and 3/4) to come to see and bid farewell to him. Note sure what they said, but Owlyn prepared Deborah.

When she arrived, she said first, "I know Andrew is going to Jesus."

Andrew didn't die that night, in fact he survived 55 days, Deborah came to see him everyday, she drew pictures of him up in the sky looking down at us."

Bereavement Resources for Children and Families
A person's understanding of death is unique to that individual.  Age, life experiences, and beliefs all play an important role in determining how a person copes with the death of someone close. Children in particular may need special attention when dealing with the loss of a loved one.  Here are some tips from a child psychologist on concepts to think about when reading The Dragonfly Door with a child ...

The Dragonfly Door sometimes encourages young children (K through 4th grade) to feel more comfortable talking about a death after hearing the story.  We hope this bereavement resource will make its way into your personal library to assist you during these difficult times
The Dragonfly Door | a Mom's Choice Awards® Recipient
A Heartfelt Story about Loss and Change
by John Adams / illustrated by Barbara L. Gibson

Customer Comment:"This is a gentle story of loss and new birth. It is a good way for children to understand growth, loss and death. It is a great book for families to share as a reading experience especially at a time of grieving."

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