Sunday, June 26, 2011

Diary of a Breaved Mother: Wonderful friends

Gary and Janice Corbett and their children.

When we left New Zealand for Singapore in July 1990, our friends gave us a big party at Gary and Janice Corbetts' house at Mt Eden. Ian Destigter took a lot of photos which helped me remember of all our friends in New Zealand.

From the first chapter of my book, you will read my reference to these two couples. These friends are gems, and they did so much practical things to help me during my difficult time. Ian and Dawn's house became a second home to my girls, Deborah and Gabrielle.

They will always remain a special place in my heart. When you know them, you will understand how I was able to survive through my worst case scenario.

Ian and Dawn Destigter and their children.


  1. Good friends are worth their weight in gold. It's great to have photos to remember people by.