Friday, August 12, 2011

Diary of a Bereaved Mother: Design gives back.

My fellow blogger and bereaved mother Marydon has lots in common with me. We both lost our sons. Today, she did a post and invited me to comment.

Mary featured on ~ Charlie Grady aka Charlie Santa ~ I invite you to check this out to watch this incredible and awesome boy.

We are sharing the story of a little boy who is probably a lot like your son, grandson or nephew; he loves cars, trucks & trains. Charlie loves riding his bicycle, also. He is different than most 8 yr. olds in two ways: he has brain tumors & he leads a toy drive to help kids in chemotherapy to have happier holidays. "Charlie Santa" was founded when he was just five & in his first round of chemotherapy. This is one of the reasons he was chosen to be an ambassador for kids with Neurofibromatosis Type 1, & a recipient of a Miracle Makeover.

I have another friend Linda, who is wearing the same shoes as Charlies' mum. Shoes that are too small and pinching her feet causing great pain in their heart.

Designgives back is not screened in New Zealand, but what a great job they are doing,

In my book, I wrote a poem about shoes.

I modify it here,

The hole in the heart is bigger than life,
The hole never mends.
My child has cancer.
Life is never the same again.
Only a fellow mum who has a child with cancer,
will understand another mum's pain
For she wears the same pair of shoes,
For she feels the pinching at the toes.


  1. My eyes are filled with tears. Oh, Ann, you have deeply moved me with your share. Thank you for the kind comment & my inspiring you. We never know the pain others have gone thru unless something arises to share. I love your poem ...

    Our sons sit with Jesus, how blessed they are.

    Again, you touched my heart ... thank you, friend.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    tTFN ~

  2. Anne:

    Very moving and kind Anne. Thank-you for including Desing Gives Back and Charlie's story.You are compassionate and I appreciate your time and talents that wen into this meaningful post.

    Thank-you for giving of yourself to this effort for Miracle Makeover.

    Hug to you!!

    Kelee Katillac

  3. What a wonderful post. You paid tribute to several people that have touched your life. Thanks for this great special presentation for today.

  4. wonderful post and tribute....I'm clicking all the links for this special little guy.....wishing you a great weekend.

  5. Dear Ann
    It is a lovely post and showing others how to share you have done a wonderful job...

    ..the poem is excellent and moving. I have lost a father and a brother at a young has been a long and difficult journey. But when people around me understands the sun shines brighter.

  6. Such a beautiful poem Ann, I am sorry to learn about you and your friend's loss.
    My Pink Saturday post, have a great weekend!

  7. I'm sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story.

  8. Ann,
    What a touching post, the poem just brings tears to my eyes. As a mother, I know the love for our children goes deeper than anyone can imagine. My dear friend lost her daughter to sickle cell disease and having such a connection with her my heart continues to hurt from her loss. I feel an overwhelming need to use my talent to help others and the Grady Miracle Makeover allowed me to do just that. Thanks for sharing your touching post and support for our cause. HPS!

    Hugging from afar,

    Sherry, The Design Gives Back Team

  9. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have two children and just cannot imagine what pain it would be to lose one of them. Bless you for your support of the Miracle Makeover event for Charlie.

  10. Ann, thank you for sharing your testament with us. I am a mother, too, and I know the depth of our love for our children. I know your book and outreach are a blessing to many.

    Thank you for participating in this very special Pink Saturday. I hope your visitors will come over to comment and help us to raise more money for the next Miracle Makeover. The good news is that you can leave a comment each day through the 18th, and each comment earns $1.00. So, please come comment again and again.