Thursday, January 3, 2013

forever in my heart exhibition

an art exhibition at the Peacock Art Gallery, Upton Country Park, Poole from the 31 January to 4 February 2013 

If you are in England, and if you have friends and relatives who have lost their babies, do visit.

My book and some poems will be read during the exhibition.

Bereaved parents are holding an art exhibition at the Peacock Art Gallery, Upton Country Park, Poole from the 31 January to 4 February 2013 in memory of our babies that we have lost.
Parents, siblings, relatives and friends are kindly invited to submit anything that you may have done or are inspired to create in memory of your baby or as an expression of your grief.  Submissions may be in any form – paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture, crafts, poems, writing, memory albums, music, songs or films.  You could perhaps commission an artist to create something for you on your behalf. 
We would like to have as many babies represented as possible, so any piece will gladly be appreciated.

The Peacock Art Gallery is open from 10:00 - 16:00 each day. There is free parking and full disabled access via a lift.

To find out more about Poole & East Dorset Art society go to or contact PEDAS using the link on the right or email

The first two pieces were done by my older daughter aged 4 + plus, she understood that her baby brother was dying.  In the first picture, she drew him floating as an angel with wings. The yellow is the cover of my book.
I described in this excerpt in my book. Good luck, Ann what is your postal address, I will send you a copy of my book. I feel privileged that you will read my poems. Deborah was doing well in the crèche with Andrea. One day she came up to the ward to give Andrew a picture she had made. She had drawn her family photo. When I saw it, I cried. She drew Andrew as a baby floating above us. She had glued onto him a blue Chinese conical hat. The rest of us were standing firmly on the ground. She told me that she stuck the hat on because Andrew was a Chinese boy and he was up in the skies because he was an angel. To her, it was a good picture. She had in her own way accepted that Andrew was going to die and he was going to be an angel. We pinned the picture above Andrew’s cot, and she proudly told everyone that her baby brother was going to be an angel. 
You are invited to send in your artwork so that it can be part of our online gallery in memory of your baby.  Please e-mail artwork to

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