Thursday, February 20, 2014

Steve Peeters and us


This has to be a story authored by God.
1977 A university Agricultural Student, Margaret did her summer attachment up North in Waipu.
A Peeters family took care of her.
They treated her like a daughter.
1984 Steve Peeters and I were teaching the same Bible Study class.
 He told he he was from Waipu.
We connected via Margaret.
1989, My baby Andrew died,
Steve and Lynn comforted us,
1990, Steve and his mum, Nelly invited us to Waipu.
Nelly and I talked one night.
Nelly, a recent bereaved wife,
I, a recent bereaved mum.
Fast forward.
Steve and I became Facebook friends,
We seldom connect.
2014, yesterday, I posted a photo of Margaret and me.
Steve happened to see photo in his notification.
The rest is History.
Steve went to the airport at 10 pm,
to see us.

To further the story, Steve told us that his wife Lynn is the daughter of an ex missionary to PNG that we know from Mt Albert Baptist Church. How cool is that?

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