Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ABC, Wednesday Letter L for lamb

The few songs I learn when I was in primary school was Baa Baa black sheep. and Mary had a little lamb.

Here in New Zealand, the statistics is there are more sheep than human.

Our family sweetest tale of mum is when Mum and Dad came to Christchurch New Zealand to attend brother Charles graduation for his LLB, they were driving along some country road, where they had to stop to let the sheep cross the road.

Mum, a child of Borneo had never seen a sheep. She requested to be allowed to get out of the car. No! but she went among the sheep. When she came back, she laughed out loud and said," CHOW BUN" meaning so smelly.  But she fulfilled her child hood dream of being with sheep. 

Thinking of sheep and lambs and Mother, two of us siblings were born in this month. Mother's SHIO NAN RE , when she was just 16, she gave birth to eldest Sister Rose. SHIO NAN RE is the day of the greatest suffering, child birth.


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  1. Lovely anecdote to shareaabout your mum...ave a great week♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/lightburst-and-spikes/

  2. You have linked several L words. A nice read. :)
    For the first time I am reading something like: childbirth is the day of greatest suffering.

  3. I thought childbirth the happiest days of my life.

  4. child birth for many women can be very painful. some Chinese recognise this and celebrate it. Dads buy mums a gift on the children's birthday, and when the child grows up, they buy mum a present.