Thursday, January 1, 2015

cloth nappies
Have to borrow this photo,

A fellow bereaved mother wrote that she gave her baby's clothes to the NICU 18 years after her baby was stillborn.

let me share a sweet story. When my baby died in hospital, he never came home. I had 2 dozen cloth nappies. I gave them to my pastor's wife to give it to X. 

21 years later, I wrote my book, and was invited at a conference to talk about my life and my book. A woman came up to buy my book. She said she got a dozen of my nappies. I was surprised, I thought I had given them to X. No, she said, I had one dozen, and presumably X had one dozen. 

Modern mum may not know what cloth nappies are. Yes, they are big squares of cotton.

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