Friday, February 17, 2012

Reminders, reminders, reminders.

I teach English as a Second language and withdraw children from from class rooms to my teaching space. My school is renovating parts of our building, and now I am banished to the Wild west. Yesterday, I was walking this Columbian kid and the sky was dark.
He said, " We better go fast, there is thunderstorm."
The rain started pelting down on us.
Last night, I was having dinner at a friend's house. We were sitting in her covered deck, but the rain came down like a waterspout. So we had to move the table.
This morning, I listened to the TV news as I blog. I hear the word "Waikumete" and turned around to watch the TV screen."
We had so much rain in West Auckland in the "Waikumete" area, there are flash floods. Houses and cars are flooded.
Why does "Waikumete" make me turn my head?
Andrew's grave is there. I hope the flood doesn't sweep away the graves.

I posted The World Day of Prayer which I am involved for Malaysia. It will be on 2nd March, 2012.

My very good friend and adopted sister, Jenny Yau-Peng Chew facebooked me: 2nd of March, never slip out of my mind....Ah Koh passed away on this day exactly 12 years ago on this world day of prayers! Right timing, we will all pray together for him. Thanks

Ah Koh was my very first student when he was 13 and I was 18. He died so young. I have adopted their mum as my mum, and I put this photo as the leader photo of my facebook.

Here in August, with my KAI/ adopted mum Mrs. Chew Tien Kui. There we are, two bereaved mums.

Why the parakeet photo?

A pair of parakeets come to my apple tree and eat my apples. I watch from inside my house, and they are there for a long time. The moment I get to the garden, they fly away. They are like our departed loved ones, you can see them, but when you approach them, they fly away.

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