Friday, February 3, 2012

painting in the sand

When we were doing the documentary "It's Okay to cry", GLENNA CASALME, Associate Producer told me about Carly Marie. She too is a bereaved Mum and her project to heal was to paint in the sand.

I am not artistic like her, I can't duplicate her work, though my kids have written names and drawn love hearts in the sand.

I recall having taken these photos, and God is the ultimate artist and healer. God painted these scenes. Today, I attended our Sands monthly meeting. I go there to support newly bereaved mums because when I was newly bereaved, a bereaved mum of 17 years was there to comfort me. She was God's nurse and 22 years on, I am trying to fill that role.

We talked about Rainbow kids. I am thankful for my rainbow kid, Sam. Without Sam, I would not even have looked at this baby playing in a hole in the sand.

I want to thank Catherine Dodd of Australia, who is a bereaved mum herself. She told me about rainbow kids and reminded me of Carly's work.

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  1. Rainbow babies are so precious. I think because, since we lost babies, we understand more clearly, just how precious, and fleeting life can be. Rainbow babies bring the sparkle back to our lives, and they make getting out of bed easier. Rainbow babies bring the smile back to our lips, when others can't. They bring the love, and the healing back into our hearts, with just a smile, wrapping their arms around our necks, and whispering, 'I lub oo mummy' into our ears. xxxx