Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sands Manukau and KidzGrab.

When the Documentary, "It is Ok to cry!" which featured me on National TV, there was another group of women who were featured. They are the Sands Manukau. These ladies work hard in helping newly bereaved mums while they are bereaved themselves.

Recently I befriended AnneOChen on the committee.


KidzGrab: a company with a big heart.


We are very excited to be raising funds for Sands Manukau for the next month starting on February 2nd at 7am on www.kidzgrab.co.nz

We will be selling their Inkless Hand and Footprint sets for them to raise the $30,000 a year it costs to fund the awesome work these guys do.

Sands Manukau is a registered charity providing care and support to parents grieving the death of their baby during pregnancy or up to a year after birth. "We believe that making memories is a critical part of the grieving process and allows parents the opportunity to bond with the baby in the short time available. We provide Care Bags for all families that come through Middlemore Hospital, as well as offering phone support, monthly support meetings and a bi-monthly magazine"

The inkless kit (yes inkless no mess!!!) will go on sale at 7am 2nd February and ALL PROFITS will go to Sands Manukau. Please pass this on to as many people as you can and support the incredible work these folks do in our community.

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