Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Bereaved Mothers in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Bereaved Mum Kong Yien Yien with one of her murdered children Amy. She posted a photo of herself and her dead daughter, Amy Ling with a heart wrenching message in Mandarin on her Facebook asking "Why did you kill my lovely daughter".

Photo courtesy of
Sibu Born artist Oliver Wong's : Cry of Desperation.

Sibu, town of my birth,

Last week, I wrote that I reconnected with many of my friends through Facebook. Especially with many of my friends from Sibu, the town of my birth that I had left in 1974. I said I would post photos for you. But I didn't anticipate posting this. But as a self appointed spokes person of bereaved parents, this is one that is from the heart.

Something horrible happened to the town of my birth recently. There are two sets of murders. In a small town, when such news made headlines, and with the internet, is made known world wide.

On January 6, 2012, Ling Tong Huat, his aged mother, Leong Nguk Lan, 76, daughter Amy 7, son David aged 10 were bludgeoned to death in their house on Monday morning at about 7 am at Oya Road.

Two women became bereaved mothers. Kong Yien Yien, birth mum to Amy and David, and serious injured Kevin. Though she had left the family home, nobody can take away the fact that she gave birth to them. Kevin is still in the intensive care unit with head injuries.

Li Xiao Lan, the step mother. How cruel could it be that she, the second wife, aged 28 was in police remand to facilitate investigation. and suspected of killing the family. She has since been released.

Sibu is a closely knit town, almost everyone knew everyone. I am wondering if Yien Yien is related to me, a "sweet potato/ kumara" relative, a term affectionately used in Sibu. Yien Yien and my mum shared the same surname.

That day of the funeral, they buried 3 generations, the most tragic was for them to bury their children. In my book, I wrote. the worst tragedy is for a white head to bury a black head. This is not supposed to be, a child should by logic , bury a mum, but this is not meant to be. Here Yien Yien and Xiao Lan did what I had to do, 22 years ago. That is bury our children.

I sadly tell you that you are now members of a club, bereaved parents, No body wants to join this club, but we are forced into it. My thoughts are with you and it is OK to cry.

Thank you, my ex student Kong Hie Ding and new face book friend Raymond Tan Chok Hui for the news.

January 11, 2012, Wednesday, Another mum became bereaved. Man in his 40s shot multiple times at Brooke Drive">

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