Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ronald McDonald House Auckland and parents with sick children

It is inside here I had my meals among the doctors and nurses and staff.

Up on one of these floors, was a floor for parents. We had a room. I did not go home during those 55 days.

Walking out of those doors with empty arms was the most difficult things a mum could do. I won't want that to happen to anyone.

Ronald McDonald House Auckland
Here’s Caesar busy playing computer games, along with House Mum Jessica who told us she has found our computers to be a “bit of a godsend”, using them to find out more about her daughter’s medical condition. Huge thanks from everyone in the House to our Business Club friends from ASB Bank who donated and installed the computers for our families.

When Andrew was in the National Womens' hospital in 1989, there was no Ronald McDonald House in Auckland. The hospital was very good to us. They gave me a room in the nurses home and gave me the meals, and free creche for my older daughters, Deb and Gab.

It was the TLC the hospital, doctors and nurses and all the staff that kept me going. When faced with a dying baby, you grapple with what's happening. Without these lovely people, I would have thrown in the towel and given up.

It still gives me funny feeling when I go to the hospital. I reflect on the good things of the birth of Deb and Gab, and these wonderful people.

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