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Sands Manukau.

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Miscarriage Packs

Our Miscarriage Packs are available for parents whose baby dies any time up to 12 weeks gestation. These include either a teddy bear or footprint candle, a footprint ribbon pin, Angel key ring and contact details. If you do not receive one of these packs and would like one, please contact us and we will be happy to courier one out to you.

Hand/Feet Casting As Baby Loss Memories

Features Forever are an experienced and compassionate company who will come to you at your hospital, funeral home or your home to take beautiful casts of your baby’s hands and feet. They have nothing but the highest respect for your baby and your loss. Sands Manukau will cover the cost of 2 hands and 2 feet for families coming through Middlemore Hospital as we understand how important these beautiful tangible memories are. You are then free to discuss with Lisa if and how you would like them framed. Whether you choose to frame them or not, the casts are yours to keep. Follow the link and visit their Angel Casting Face Book Page for more information.

Support Packs Baby Loss
Baby Loss Support Packs

Support Packs

These are contained in our Baby Loss Care Bags and may also be available from your doctors, midwife, hospital or bereavement support team. They contain practical information for going through the necessary steps to be taken after a baby has died. It you have not received this pack and would like to do so please contact us and we will get one to you.

One on One Support Through Your Baby Loss

Sands Manukau are here for one on one support for those who feel they would benefit more from this than a group setting. This kind of support may take a bit more time to arrange as we are volunteers. However if you feel you need this kind of support, please contact us and we will arrange something.

A Heartbreaking Choice

Parents who discover that their baby is terminally ill, or won’t live long after birth are welcome to contact us and ask for our one on one support. A volunteer who has been in a similar situation can talk, listen and be available for as much or as little support as is needed. A leaflet entitled ‘A Heartbreaking Choice’ is also available through Middlemore Hospital or by contacting us.

From The Heart – Baby Loss Magazine of Our Members

This is our bi monthly magazine that is compiled of experiences, stories, letters and poems from parents, friends, family. It also includes our babies anniversary’s, notices about Sands Manukau, upcoming events, announcements, book reviews and more. If you have anything you would like to add to a magazine issue, please contact us. This magazine is free to all members.

Sands Manukau – Baby Loss Memory Boxes

Our memory boxes are kindly donated to us by The Decorative Artists of New Zealand. These beautiful boxes are included in our Care Bags for parents to keep their special keepsakes safe. If you did not receive a memory box at the time of your baby’s birth you can request one from one of our meetings.
Baby Loss Library Books

We have a selection of books which members are more than welcome to borrow from us. These books can be collected at one of our meetings. We are looking to extend this library when funding allows.


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