Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cala lilies

Cala lilies have a special place in my heart. In Borneo,I used to visit my grand dad's rubber garden. The trees verged to patches of uncultivated land, and Cala lilies grew. They were wild flowers and we didn't appreciate them.
When I went o Auckland, New Zealand, I stayed in Grey Lynn. It was like a ghetto with big houses rented to students or Pasifika families. The gardens were unkempt and Cala Lilies grew wild in humongous clumps. I think of my Grand dad who had died shortly after I went to Canada. The blooms reminded me of the fun time I had with him.
In the Mt Eden house we lived when Andrew was born, there too were cala lilies. For his funeral, I took Deborah to look for these special flowers to put on top of his coffin. There were exactly 4 blooms. I told Deborah, these were just right, one from each of us for Andrew.
We left NZ for 16 years, and came back to this house in Sandringham, God gave me Cala Lilies. I often cut stalks of them and brought them home.
On this trip of the reunion with my ex-students, I will be meeting them for the first time since 1975. I will be telling them about Andrew. I will be telling them about my Cala lilies.

Guess what should I see at the Auckland International Airport?

At JR Dutiy free shop, were boxes of colored calas. Mirna was very attentive and offered to take my photo. I had a warm  fuzzy feeling. This trip is going to be a great one.

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