Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sands mum Katherine Thomas wins the New World Competition.

Sands mums of New Zealand, especially rallied behind fellow bereaved mum Katherine in her entry in the New World Perfect Day entry. We all voted and supported her. Katherine's baby Emily was born and died on the same day. We all wanted to give her a bit of joy, though we know, it is hard as emotions ebb and flow with the death of a child.I voted for Katherine, she deserved to win. I appreciate she has chosen to give a bundle of books to her guest who will in turn donate them to others.

Enjoy your day, we are all behind you. I will also pray for you too.

Ann, Sands Auckland.
It was freezing cold this morning when the reporter knocked on Katherine's door. I had just gone outside to take a photo of the frost covered roof of my car. I craved Andrew's name on it. It's the first time, I have ever encountered so much frost in Auckland.

"My perfect day is November 11th, 2012. It is the day I marry my high-school sweetheart. It is the day marking the eight month anniversary of the birth and death of our daughter, Emily. It is the day that our families come together at a beautiful church in an Otara paddock, sharing a picnic and BBQ feast. It is the day we eat Grandad's bacon and egg pie, mussel fritters and family-famous almonds. It will be the day where, finally, joy will exist.
I am a youth-worker, my man is an auto-sparkie. So we live for inspiration and light. It will begin as every day has since Emily was born. We will share a coffee, tell each other we love one other, to have fun and drive safe. I will spend the morning with my girlfriends making home-made salads from produce from my Dad's fruit store, apply makeup and curl some hair. We will DIY-decorate the paddock with candles and jam jars, picnic blankets and hot-water bottles. I will wear my beautiful dress, and he will wear his Thailand-made suit. We will meet at the church, him on his scooter, me in my Combi. Both of my Dads will give me away and wish him good luck! We will all smile and laugh, eat and dance, play and take pictures, and steal lotsa kisses.

As the BBQ heats up and the sun begins to set, we will cut the strawberry cake he has been wanting since he was five. We will present a bundle of children's books that each of our guests will choose to donate to a school or play-centre of their choice, in our Emily's name. We will set off the fireworks, watch, and then depart as husband and wife, living happily ever after."

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