Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring and missing my baby

A heavy rainstorm,
A deluge
Our garden, a paddling pool.

It was the first spring after Andrew died.
It was lambing season.
I missed my baby.

I was the crazy mum.
Not crazy to other mums,
 but to a Chinese Mum.

Against the Chinese beliefs
You mustn't  be in the rain,
I let D, then five to enjoy,
"I am singing in the rain."

I bought her a raincoat, gum boots.
I sewed her a pair of leggings.
She had great fun,
You can see from her face.

I was there too, but with an umbrella.
While D was happy
splashing, and sploshing in the rain.
The tears were splashing and sploshing in my heart.

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