Friday, November 21, 2014

Andrew's 25 anniversary

 22 November 1989, the day Andrew grew wings and flew to heaven.

It's been 25 years, Andrew is always in my heart, the little boy.
Andrew's life had not been in vain.

We donated his tiny body for Science.

I only wish I had waited and taken a photo with Andrew,
after they used his body as a learning too. 
I was advised to say goodbye, because I might get upset with the cuts.

This photo was taken the day he was born.
We had already been told he was going to die.
So we were ready to let go of him,
He gave us 55 days to cherish and love him.

The doctors thanked us for him,
The nurse manager's last words were:
On behalf of the hospital,
I thank you for him. 

Finally, I am philosophical,
I wrote my first book on him.
Without him, I would not have become a writer.,

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