Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nadia and Ken Lim

Nadia mentioned her grandma, and her late Dad Ken. My husband and I knew Ken from their engineering school days. They did the same course and continued to keep in contact.  I imagine her grandma is still alive and hence a bereaved mother.

‘I grew up cooking with my Chinese grandmother a bit, but it was more my dad and my mum. They are both really good cooks, but very different. My mum is a recipe follower – she’s very good at that and she can learn meals if someone teaches her, but my dad was a natural cook. He could throw anything together with no recipe. He could be given anything and it would always taste good.
‘He taught me how to cook good Chinese food,’ Nadia says, before running through the ingredients for her favourite, the coconut rice dish nasi lemak.
Sadly, Ken passed away almost three months ago. While she says her family is doing as well as can be expected, there is no doubt the loss has shaken the confident businesswoman and forced her to reevaluate what is truly important.
‘I resigned from quite a few of my jobs because I realised I was doing too much and it was just silly. I wanted to spend more time with my family,’ Nadia, whose husband Carlos Bagrie works alongside her at My Food Bag, says as she wipes away tears.
‘I think, with everyone, you carry on with what you are doing, and because I’ve been so busy, it actually has been non-stop. When Dad passed away, that was probably the first time I took a break and could actually see what had happened over the past few years.’
Now, Nadia finds herself drawing on her dad’s roots as the host of New Zealand with Nadia Lim, a show commissioned by the Asian Food Channel that screens in 13 countries, as well as a role working with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to promote our produce in the region.

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