Monday, November 17, 2014

Skylight Trust

Skylight trust circulates my book in their library.  Please vote for them, I voted.

Skylight Trust

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and make a difference in young people's lives

Skylight applied for a Medibank Community Grant to donate our GETTING STRONGER GAME to 34 low decile schools in Auckland.

This year the decision of who will get the grant will be left to the public - isn't that great!!! Please vote for us. All you need to do is to push the green VOTE HERE button! This will take you to the landing page, where you have to pick NZ!

You will find Skylight at bottom of the page and you will need to confirm your vote with a second click!

Thank you for your kind support.

Your Skylight Team

Getting Stronger Game

The innovative board game is a ground-breaking resource which addresses the needs of the most vulnerable groups of children in our communities.

Click on the image to watch a video about the game and its advantages. 
The game helps:
  • Build resilience in young people aged 8 - 14 years
  • Encourages them to open up and gently begin first conversations around sensitive topics
The game also addresses crucial issues like parental break up, bullying, anger management, coping with domestic violence, death, dealing with a family member with a mental illness, addiction, serious illness and injury. The topics are based on requests from NZ specialists for practical tools to genuinely help, encourage and support young people caught up in sensitive and difficult life situations. We also wish to provide the training for the professional/support person to use the game effectively.  

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