Saturday, July 25, 2015

CD Siblings

Dear Lenny,

I have been on CD family for a long time, so far, I have observed only 2 repeats in the families.

It could be it will never repeat in most cases, including me.

Or if the CD baby was the first, parents are too scared to try again.

You asked what practical advice, talking to the doctors, now I think nowadays, they will refer you to a genetist, and do testing.

Your daughter and her husband need a lot of counselling. She is lucky that she has you.

My CD baby lived only 55 days, a worst case scenario. I published my book with the aim to helping newly bereaved mums and their family. In this chapter, I wrote my emotions when I became pregnant unexpectedly.

God bless,

Ann, Mum of Andrew who would be 22 years old.

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