Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nelson teen in a coma responds after cannabis oil treatment

Alex Renton has been in an induced coma in Wellington Hospital for two months. Photo / Facebook

Alex Renton's mother is "extremely" hopeful cannabis oil treatment will bring her son back to consciousness.
The Nelson teenager, who has been in an induced coma after suffering a seizure nearly two months ago, received a second cannabis oil treatment at Wellington Hospital last night.
Rose Renton told Newstalk ZB this morning that Alex's sedation had been halved and he was now opening his eyes and moving for the first time in weeks.
"He's close to the surface but certainly not conscious and awake," she said.
"Hopefully [he is] moving towards waking up."
Ms Renton said the treatment could take anywhere between two and 10 days to take effect.
The cannabis oil worked by "unlocking" the brain's neurons to allow epilepsy drugs to take effect.
"It oils the neurons in the brain, when you're in seizures and they're locked off the anti-epileptic drugs can't get underneath to release them to enable them to work and stop the seizing."
When asked, Ms Renton said she was "extremely" hopeful the oil would achieve this.

If it is your last resort, would you resort to this?

if I were the mum, I would try anything that will 

help my child. I lost my baby and just sat 

blankly and helplessly because I couldn't do 


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