Sunday, July 5, 2015

My two bands.

I wear 2 bands together.
Wearing two bands attracted people's attention,
Some ask me what I am wearing them for.

Wearing the bands gives them a chance to ask.

Someone asked me how many children I have.
I told him about Andrew.
I said I have 4 children.
My third is dead.

Someone has been reading my writing.
She was very curious about the Bereaved Mother part.
I am glad she asked.
I told her I wrote to help newly bereaved mother.

A bereaved mother donated her child's organs.
She wrote a little comment on someone's blog.
She commented about "Think of the Donor parents."
Some one had the audacity to be very rude to her.

Some people say I dwell too much on the past.
It was time to move on.
Until the day she experienced bereavement herself,
She will never know how it is like to have your child pluck from your blossoms.

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