Monday, April 25, 2011

Diary of a bereaved mother: My book shop

To the wannabe or aspiring writer, finishing the book is a hugest step. Getting it published is another gigantic step. Finally getting a bookshop to stock your book in monumental.

It is so exciting for me when I sold my book to The Women's bookshop They were the first shop I went to, and it was important that I didn't classify my book as a Christian book.

Thank you Carole for believing in me. Without proprietors like Carole, aspiring writers will find it very hard to sell their books and their zeal will be stifled.

Thank you. Gillian Tewsley, my editor.

My next book, here I come,

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  1. Well, you must be exhausted by now, and relieved! Wonder if there will be reviews? Well done, Ann, I am so proud of you!!!