Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diary of bereaved mother: Reviews

Here are reviews: 27 April 2011)

That's really great. A real encouragement to you. I have started to read the chapters... You have written from the heart- and God will use your book to bless many in their better understanding of life's difficult circumstances. You are brave in sharing your intimate journey of struggles with your son Andrew's birth and his very short life on earth. May God bless you, CO and your family. C New Zealand

Hi Ann, please let me know where I can buy your book. Just email me K USA

Congratulations on becoming a writer. Kalang & Liza Malaysia

wonderful. Praise God good job Ann keep it up. MP Singapore

Congrats budding writer. You have done well. DB Australia

Congratulations Ann, I'm so pleased for you. I read your book over Easter. It is so real and honest I know it will be a big help to others. I can't get over how much you went through you surely are a survivor. K NZ

Congratulations, I am so happy for you. God is good. C New Zealand

What fantastic news. We are very excited by this. I am reading it. It is wonderful. Sad, heartwrenching but wonderful. I was awake in the night, and I just couldn't get back to sleep so i picked it up and read for an hour in the middle of the night.
thank you for telling your story. it is so important for women everywhere.
god bless you immensley D & L NZ

so you have a book now to describe about your own struggling journey. i am sure there will be many mothers who share the same journey. congrats. will read more. SN Singapore

May the gift of writing from God not only enrich your own life but also enlighten other people's life.
May our Lord be glorified in what you have achieved. A NZ

Hi Ann, I hope your book sell well. I read it on your other blog briefly, its very detailed and really show the other side of you. Take care my buddy :) K Malaysia

Congratulations, Should approach hospital bookstore Dr MC Malaysia

你写的书很好,我现在已经推荐给我的客人看呢,希望更多的人能看到这本书。 ( Translated, I am leaving it for my clients to read. It is so touching?

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