Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jacqueline's story

Jacqueline Mead. Photo / Michael Craig

Twenty five years ago, we were told our baby son was very sick. He would die, and if he survived, he would be very severely handicapped. He survived 55 days, it was just long enough for us to give him our love and not to resent having to care for such a special needs child.

While Andrew was alive, people reading his notes tell me that I had every right to take up my case with the ante natal team. It took so long for the hospital to response that I got so tired. All they did was apologise. They were grateful I didn't take further action and sue them. What was the point, Andrew was dead.

When I wrote my book, Diary of a bereaved mother, One of my motivation was to help other bereaved mums.

The book led me to Susan Meads. Susan is a bereaved mum like me, told me about this cause. Her Jackie had a lot of special needs. They have to think ahead of Jackie's need when she, and her husband is gone. Something, which was a relief for us that we didn't have to worry.

Susan is one mum I can help with my writing.

Eleven-year-old Jacqueline Mead suffered a stroke and haemorrhage when she was a baby, as a result of medical misadventure. Now the parents of the little girl who survived against all odds are trying to secure her future, writes Susan Edmunds

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