Monday, August 24, 2015


I know that not everyone will agree, and some may not have had great experiences with midwives or medical personnel. ..but as a midwife, I have shed many more tears than I ever thought a midwife would doing this job

Ann Chin I am sure the midwife, nurses, medical personnel, physio, they all cried when my baby died after 55 days in NICU. There were a few fuzzy anecdotes, the mid wife who delivered my baby, was the person who opened the door, when I came to say good bye to my son. She told me, she often sneaked up to NICU to see Andrew. I like to share this.

Ann Chin They all came to say goodbye to their favourite man . Another warm anecdote was the specialist who attended to Andrew was the one who pronounced him dead and signed his death certificate. To me, it was like a complete circle.

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